8 Free Business Name Generator Tools for Catchy and Memorable Business Names

Business Name Generator Tools

Check out these 8 free business name generator tools which help you to pick a catchy, creative, and memorable name for your business and brand!


Selecting a name for your new business or brand is not simple. You need an adequate name which will be memorable and meaningful at the same time, while describing your company and what your business is all about.

Even after you have come up with something worthy of your brand, the chances of discovering the name already exists are huge. Yes, as we said, before, selecting a name for your business is not an easy process.


However, it doesn’t have to take forever to come up with an outstanding name for your business or brand. You can try out these free business name generator tools and save yourself some time and energy:


  1. Shopify Business Name Generator - By using this tool you will discover all the available business names on the market. You can start by choosing a keyword which you want the name to incorporate and you will get a list of thousands of ideas quickly.
  2. Names4Brands - If you are searching for something more complex for your business name, look no further as this is the perfect tool for you. By using this tool, you can easily find outstanding and randomly generated words for inspiration.
  3. Panabee - This is a business name generator, a domain name search tool, and a domain name generator. All you need to do is enter two keywords and look for various domain name ideas.
  4. Name Smith - This tool helps brainstorm name options and suggestions by creating lots of different ideas.
  5. Wordoid - This tool generates unique and made-up words that look amazing. Every word is not over ten letters and the best thing is that you can select from up to 5 languages.
  6. Name Tumbler - This great tool offers you with business names quickly by mixing the keywords you wish for with a specific word right from their database.
  7. HipsterBusiness - This fun, catchy, and amazing tool for inspirations doesn’t require keywords at all. All you need to do is click on a button, click “Another” and go through the list of business name selected just for you.
  8. Domain Puzzler - This is a pretty simple tool with different options. You can start with its basic version, add your keyword, choose a domain extension, and then look for potential ideas!


Have fun and come up with the perfect name for your business or brand!

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