10 Creative Business Name Generator Tools to Help You Find the Right Business Name

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Having troubles finding the right name for your new business or brand? These 10 creative business name generator tools with help get your creative juices flowing!


It is sometimes easier to come up with a business idea than to name the business! We can all agree that choosing a domain name is a boring and a daunting task. Once you start looking for a business name, you will realize that all memorable and interesting names are taken. At this point, one of the best things you could do is use a creative business name generator that can help you find potential names based on specific keywords.


In this article, we are going to share the best and most popular creative business name generator tools on the market. All of these generators are free to use and they are perfect for inspiring online store name ideas and suggestions. Sometimes these suggestions are useful and sometimes not so much, but they can surely get you inspired and show you the right direction.

Here are the best business name generator tools you can use to find the right business name:


  1. Instant Domain Search - This tool allows you to add a keyword and then see different ideas and suggestions of names that include that keyword.
  2. Name Mesh - A great tool which displays results under categories such as DOE, New, Common, Short, Mix, and others.
  3. SpinXO WordPress Names - This tool provides suggestions and ideas based on your answers to several different questions. All you need to do is enter your name and provide information such as things you like, your hobbies, important numbers, important words, and etc.
  4. Lean Domain Search - A very popular tool that requires a keyword you want your business name to include and they will provide you with thousands of .com options in a matter of minutes.
  5. DomainsBot - A tool that provides you with different names based on your keyword and marks them as available or to make an offer.
  6. DomainIt’s Domain Name Suggestion - This tool lets you enter keywords, select adult content, choose to include hyphens and numbers, maximum length, and etc.
  7. Cool Name Ideas - A tool that allows you to enter keywords that perfectly describe your business and provides you with a list of options to choose from.
  8. NameSmith - This tool shows results from your selected keywords within different categories.
  9. 123 Finder - A tool that lets you enter your preferred keywords and then checks the results in an alphabetical order.
  10. Shopify Business Name Generator - This is probably one of the best and most popular tools! Enter one word and get a list of available names in return.

A creative business name generator is a great way to start and can provide you with outstanding names you would never have thought of or considered before!

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